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turn off the lights

.and turn off the shyness.

living in infamy
22 August
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I confess, I messed up
dropping "I'm sorry" like you're still around
And I know you dressed up
"hey kid you'll never live this down"

And you're just the girl all the boys want to dance with
And I'm just the boy who's had too many chances

I'm sleeping on your folk's porch again, dreaming
She said, she said, she said, "Why don't you just drop dead?"

I don't blame you for being you
But you can't blame me for hating it
So say, what are you waiting for?
Kiss her, kiss her
I set my clocks early 'cause I know I'm always late

Write me off, give up on me
Cause darling, what did you expect
I'm just off a lost cause
a long shot, don't even take this bet

I am a

Leo's Profile:
Leos are self assured and confident and feel that can do anything in life they want to do. In fact, Leos feel that it is all entitled to them. Other people may accept to being second-best, but never a Leo. Nothing is too good for a Leo and luxury is as important as breathing to you.

You have a great flair for drama and have a knack for getting all the attention you desire. The dull and ordinary will not work for you, and if there is not enough excitement around, you create your own. You are generous and kind to others and forgive people quickly. No one could have a better friend, as long as you receive praise and flattery in return. You take pleasure in the day and do not waste time worrying about tomorrow.

Pride is your biggest problem, as your ego demands attention and praise. Often you silently suffer from an emotional wound, because you are too proud to ask for help. You can also be quite lazy as you sit back and bask in your own glory. But the world would not be as fun without Leos.

A relationship with the daring, yet devoted, Lion will rarely prove dull. This showy cat may need to be lavished with attention, but can also ravish a lover with riches in return. A slow, smoldering pas de deux which leads to mutual bliss is what the Lion would love from a partner. The fiery Lion requires a lover who can keep up with them, and certainly one who can match wits. If not, the risk of boredom and flight is a big one, since Leo has very high expectations. A partner who can understand, and indulge, the Lion's need to be the center of attention will be a keeper for this regal cat. The ideal Leo soulmate understands the pleasure principle and will work hard to keep their mate satisfied.

made by pokethejello7</font>

Brand New is Heaven Sent



We both stood standing back to back
Atop a narrow cliff..
And from there we gazed at the world..
Together at the same speed